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Working Out with a Pilates Ball



NRPT Registered Professional Fitness Instructor Aylesbury

My philosophy to fitness is to incorporate my lifetime of martial arts training into an enjoyable transformation system that anyone can master. Fitness shouldn’t be a punishment! It’s an amazing and empowering decision that anyone can make. Along with private clients I work with the local council and Active in the Community to deliver T'ai Chi Qigong to the over 50s community. I have developed a holistic bodyweight approach to training incorporating carefully curated Pilates and Yoga exercises to help strengthen and stabilise the core; along with the application of challenging but gentle martial art techniques that foster the development of real core strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness. I have helped numerous sportsmen and women to improve their overall strength, balance, power and flexibility as well as encouraging the calm winning mindset incorporated within the meditative practice of Qigong. Whatever sport is your specialism, I can help you access your true potential by deepening and strengthening mind, body and spirit. I also believe in the untapped potential healing powers of T'ai Chi Qigong and work with a multitude of clients who have differing levels of health concerns such as Parkinson's patients and stroke victims and I specialise in the rehabilitation and healing that can arise from the practice of Qigong.



Life, Death, Tai Chi and Me: My Brain Injury Journey

is the incredible true story of an epic struggle to defy the odds and survive the most profound physical and mental trauma...If you’ve had a brain injury, or know someone who has. If you’ve ever wondered what a near-death-experience is actually like. If you’ve been intrigued by the power that martial arts can have upon one’s mental and physical resolve. If you question your own mortality and your place in the universe. If you want to know what it’s like to come back from the dead, then this book is for you.


Anna Mawhood

I have always run, swam and cycled for fitness but 2 years ago, after my third herniated disc, a physiotherapist recommended Pilates as a way to strength my core and lower back. I've never turned back Jason is amazing.


You can buy or rent my training video below.

T'ai Chi Qigong | Guided Training Video

T'ai Chi Qigong | Guided Training Video

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All Categories

Jason Riddington | GUIDED T'ai Chi Qi Qong

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