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Strength in Body & Mind

The Miraculous Healing Power of T’ai Chi Qigong?

On the 29th June 2021 I had a massive brain haemorrhage. I was put into an induced coma and no one expected me to pull through...I did, I spent a further month in intensive care where I had further complications: meningitis, seizure, retinal aneurysm, hydrocephalus & shunt operation. Each time I came back from almost certain death. How? I believe it was T'ai Chi Qigong. I've practiced Qigong for 30 years. When I was bed-ridden in intensive care, I did Qigong as a meditation in my mind. As soon as I was able I did Qigong, with my drip and tubes next to me, in intensive care. I was deaf, blind in one eye with Terson Syndrome, paralysed in my right foot and in a pretty bad state! Today, whilst I still have brain injury issues, I'm completely recovered physically. The medics think that it's possible that my incredible recovery (especially my retina the complete resolution of which is medically unprecedented) might be down to the repetitive nature of T'ai Chi Qigong causing the reformation of neural pathways in my brain. Today I'm stronger and more flexible than ever, I'm still in recovery and have lots to overcome with my brain injury, but Qigong has brought me back to life. Maybe it can do the same for you? Whatever the situation, I believe Qigong can help you too. As well as working with accomplished sportsmen and women and those seeking to increase their personal fitness, strength and flexibility, I also work with Parkinson's patients, people in recovery from strokes and other debilitating and life-altering conditions. All agree that Qigong helps them regain balance of mind, body and spirit, feeling energised and invigorated by the ancient practice of this gentle but highly effective and powerful martial art form.

My love for health and fitness started when I was young. Today, I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion into a thriving profession. Through working with a diverse group of clients, I’ve come to realise that everybody is unique, each with their own goals and lifestyle. I will construct a plan and training schedule according to your fitness experience and needs that will have you seeing results in no time. 

Jason’s life-long journey of ‘mindful body-fitness’ has been intertwined with his 30 year plus experience as an accomplished professional actor and teacher. He trained as an actor at the illustrious LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) where he first learned T’ai Chi, Meditation, Alexander Technique, Pilates and martial forms associated with swordsmanship. Whilst there he also gained the BADC Advanced Fight Certificate and is an expert swordsman. He subsequently ran his own sword fighting demonstration company Reality First Weapons for a number of years. A lifelong sports enthusiast he was selected for Derby Boys football team, the National under 16 tennis squad and has competed regionally as a road/time-trial cyclist. He has been head of department at Bedford Modern School and is fully qualified (PGCE) QTS teacher with full enhanced DBS. Jason has trained actors, students, stunt performers, martial artists and private clients in T’ai Chi Qigong, meditation, martial arts, weapons fight techniques, personal fitness and Pilates. His vast fitness training experience has enabled him to develop unique, mindful, modern client-focused training programmes tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual.

Mindful Bodyfit based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire is a low-impact, ultra-effective training system which has at its’ heart a mindful approach to holistic personal training. The ‘engine room’ of our physiology is the core, powered by the breath. Focusing exercise in a mindful, thoughtful way that has the biomechanics of how we function at its foundation. This is a sophisticated, enlightened modern approach to training, which utilises the ancient life-force of nature (chi) and makes for deep-routed organic exercise that fosters permanent positive changes to our physicality, our mind and to our spirit. Training sessions can both be taken in a private studio in Aylesbury, group Yoga-Qi classes in Tring, T'ai Chi Qigong classes for the over 50s in Princess Risborough or virtually from anywhere in the world.

To share the incredible story of how T'ai Chi Qigong has helped him to recover from brain injury, Jason has written a book 'Life, Death, T'ai Chi and Me - My Brain Injury Journey' which is due for publication early 2023!


Gym Instructor level 2

Personal Trainer Level 3

PGCE Buckingham University

City and Guilds 7307 Stage 2 Adult Learning

Post Graduate Diploma in Theatre Studies University of Bedfordshire Diploma of Professional Acting 3 Years LAMDA

BADC Advanced Fight Certificate

DFEE NO: 0104262

Current Enhanced DBS Certificate

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