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The Miraculous Healing Power of T’ai Chi Qigong?

Fifteen months ago I had a massive brain haemorrhage. I was put into an induced coma and no one expected me to pull through...I did, I spent a further month in intensive care where I had further complications: meningitis, seizure, retinal aneurysm, hydrocephalus & shunt operation. Each time I came back from almost certain death. How? I believe it was T'ai Chi Qigong. I've practiced Qigong for 30 years. When I was bed-ridden in intensive care, I did Qigong as a meditation in my mind. As soon as I was able I did Qigong, with my drip and tubes next to me, in intensive care. I was deaf, blind in one eye with Terson Syndrome, paralysed in my right foot and in a pretty bad state! Today, whilst I still have brain injury issues, I'm completely recovered physically. The medics think that it's possible that my incredible recovery (especially my retina the complete resolution of which is medically unprecedented) might be down to the repetitive nature of T'ai Chi Qigong causing the reformation of neural pathways in my brain. Today I'm stronger and more flexible than ever, I'm still in recovery and have lots to overcome still with my brain injury, but Qigong has brought me back to life. Maybe it can do the same for you? Whatever the situation, I believe Qigong can help you too.

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