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Cure Back pain with Qigong and Pilates Combo!

Pure Pilates is actually very challenging and is very useful eventually but getting to that point without aggravating or regressing the back injury is the tricky thing. I have a lady that I’m working with at the moment and I do a combination of Tai Chi Qigong and Pilates to strengthen her core following numerous issues with her spine and legs. It works really well because T’ai Chi is incredibly effective at giving real flexibility and strength but you only push it as far as you’re comfortable with then you can add on some carefully selected Pilates to target specific areas. 45 mins of just Pilates would be way too much and counter productive. Also once you know Qigong you’ll have it for life and will always be able to manage your own body/mind well-being. Doing this combo of Pilates/Qigong works like a dream for rehabilitation. The areas that are most important to crack with back pain is the cycle of tension that the pain creates everywhere else in the body: your throat, neck and shoulders, lower back, knees, ankles and feet will all be affected by the cycle of pain and stress. You cannot relieve the back pain without releasing the tension you’re almost certainly be holding onto in those areas. Therefore only repeated exercise that releases the tension, increasing flexibility and strength will ultimately relieve the pain. Then you can move forward with correct posture and alignment…#PersonalTrainerAylesbury #taichiaylebury #pilatesaylesbury

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